What Parents Say

After Ayla’s review today I just wanted to say that I am extremely happy with Sparkles and especially your ethics and staff, they are a credit to you.

It’s reassuring that you are hands on as the owner and care so much about your nurseries, the children, and staff.

I just love the open plan set up (which is so wonderfully organised and clean I must say)… it really allows Ayla to explore and learn and integrate all at the same time. (Just wanted to say that I notice the effort that goes in here.) 🙂

I notice that everyday there are sooo many different things to do, from the imaginative crafts table, to the brilliant sensory tank filled with foam or lentils and all the other great, well thought out things I see day to day!

Being able to drop off my daughter at a happy and safe environment when I have to go off to work, is honestly PRICELESS and the peace of mind is valued!

Overall I just wanted to say that the nursery is absolutely brilliant, the staff work really hard to provide such a wonderful space, also amazing learning and support for my two year old and all the children. I have noticed all the little things that perhaps we as parents may overlook sometimes.

Our children have loved every moment at Sparkles. It is a relaxed and friendly environment where they have developed confidence, independence and enhanced their communication skills with support from the fun-loving and attentive staff. We highly recommend Sparkles preschool!
My eldest son came to sparkles, and he loved being there, and we loved him being there too. So much so his little brother now goes. The ladies that work for Kim and Kim herself are amazing and I have always felt safe in the knowledge that they go above and beyond for not just mine but all the children. They are a great support to us mums too. While I was pregnant I was very ill and they were often a shoulder for me to cry on. I definitely feel part of the sparkles family.
A fantastic pre-school with great staff and an excellent environment for the children. My daughter started in September and it is amazing to see how much progress she has made in the relatively short time since joining Sparkles.
I have been really happy with both my sons going to Sparkles. They are both very different but the Sparkles staff got to know them both as individuals and they really flourished! I love how Sparkles have a structure and routine, the children quickly learn the "Sparkles way" and it really helps them to feel very comfortable and relaxed.