Sparkles recognises parents as the the main carers and educators of their child. Parents help us to get to know a child’s unique personality and interests. Each child in our pre school and nursery is allocated a member of staff who will be their key person. This key person will keep a learning journal, tracking your child’s progress. You can securely access and interact with this journal online.

We have active parent representatives who help voice your ideas and opinions to our staff. Parents in our nursery school are an invaluable source of help to Sparkles routine, so volunteers are all welcome! Fun family sessions are planned for parents, offering all the family a chance to join in.

Session times

Here are our pre-school childcare hours

Morning sessions are from 9.30-12.00
Afternoons are from 12.00-14.30

Daycare School sessions are from 9.30-14.30 which the child can do once they are settled

daycare school