Sparkles is an Ofsted registered Pre-School providing Pre-School child care and education for 2-5 year olds. We are proud to be graded a Good provider by Ofsted with the inspector saying there were many “wow” moments. You can find our report on


  • Children are happy and secure. They arrive for the morning session and rush
    inside. Practitioners speak fondly of children. Children develop strong bonds with
    their key persons and look to them for reassurance.
  • Children express their creativity freely. They take glitter and resources from the art area and use them to create patterns in the sand. Older children confidently explain mathematical concepts.
  • Children are well supported to manage their emotions and to express their
  • Children’s language and communication progress quickly.

Policies and procedures are frequently updated to keep up with legislation and current trends in practice. You can request any documents from the setting manager.

To find out more, or arrange a visit, please go to our contact page.