We have been in lock down for a few weeks now and from what I’m seeing on WhatsApp and Tapestry you are doing a great job! The staff teams are really missing the children and you, their families, but we are so pleased still to be in contact. While we are away from you we still want to help you and your children while we are not at Pre-School


The first thing I will say is please don’t be under pressure to formally educate your children at home. Children learn all the time  through play, exploring their interests, using free and natural resources to be creative. As some of the children have now got school places parents sometimes feel that they must get their children “ready for school.” Please continue to play with them as I see you doing on WhatsApp and Tapestry. Reading to your children and singing rhymes will give them firm foundations for reading and writing. Building a love for books and stories is so important for future education.


I see you are doing some great things out doors. Simple ideas like finding sticks and putting them in order of size or making a pattern with them will help them with maths concepts. Simple mud pies to stir will help fine motor skills.


It’s important that children feel calm and happy and you are doing a great job of reassuring children in their new routines. However, some children can’t express worry, and there’s lots on the TV about Covid 19 and it’s easy for children to pick up on stress. There’s a lovely book we use at Pre-School called “Ruby’s Worry” by Tom Percival that explores children’s worries in a very readable form for our children’s age group. Talking about feelings can also help children talk about emotions.


I sincerely hope all your families are safe and well. Please contact me if you would like to chat. I have a new phone you can contact me on, telephone number 07305359062. Take care