We plan fantastic activities to help your child develop into a confident learner.
Sparkles recognises parents as the the main carers and educators of their children.
Sparkles has a fantastic team, who are dedicated to giving children high quality education.

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Mission Statement
Sparkles Pre-School, Shirley, Croydon is a child centred setting where children come first always. We provide a rich, stimulating and inclusive environment that treats every child as unique, building children’s self esteem so that they can be confident learners.  We provide high standards of care and education using theorists both past and present to help children reach their full potential.

Sparkles and Millies Pre-Schools nurture strong parent partnerships. The key person for the child involves the parents on their child’s learning journey from the start of Pre-school life. Learning links between home and the setting are established ensuring children make rapid progress.

Emotional and physical wellbeing of children, parents, carers and staff is actively promoted to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and care for each other.

Our vision is to continue to reflect and self-evaluate to improve practice.  We ensure management and staff continue to develop themselves professionally and use the new knowledge and skills they learn to benefit the children and the setting.

Our holistic approach ensures that the child receives the best possible learning from knowledgeable staff.  It shows a desire to continue to improve practice with a sound research base.

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Why choose Sparkles?

We encourage children to learn through play, be active learners and critical thinkers.

Learning through Play

Activities are planned to interest and challenge your child in all areas of learning.

Parents are Important

Parents are partners in helping children reach their full potential.

Keeping Children Safe

The children’s wellbeing is our highest consideration. Sparkles has stringent policies in place which are designed to keep children safe.

Caring for Children

We will care for your child’s personal and emotional needs.

Consultancy and Training

We believe in sharing good practice. See the Training and Consultancy page and see how we can help your professional development.

Visit us

We want you to be happy when you leave your child with us, so come and meet us, and we’ll show you around!